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November 28, 2006


Patrick  Sanderson

It's unfortunate, but TV shows and movies are often looking for atypical names for their leading characters. It sets them apart and helps make the movie more memorable. That's what I think, anyway, I don't actually know if that's the case.

There are obvious exceptions to that rule, such as when a character is supposed to be normal, when the movie's based on a book, or when the name means something specific. What do you think?


man, sometimes i'm tempted to sign up for cable again. we've been getting our media fix off of netflix and youtube lately. ted's brother and his wife were visiting from seattle and i think they were raving about the show heroes too. i guess everybody is except us. i have no idea what the show is even about.

speaking of TV, my friends have a Little House On the Prairie heavy metal tribute band called the Half-Pints, and the cable channel TVLand did a mini rockumentary on them. it would be more accurately called a mockumentary, actually. anyhoo, you can check it out here:
just click on the tab called half-pints documentary to see the video.


Sy, I almost called you this morning, which would have been around 11:00 PM for you, but then I decided to call Sean instead. It's not that I chose him over you, it's just that I didn't want to wake the children.

Are my fish dead?


Colleen: it is never an insult to be turned down for one's brother, even if that were the case. But please do call any time, no matter the hour.

About your fish: I think we had informed you previously that the goldfish you purchased had all died, one by one, because the lady at Petco neglected to inform you that they need a pump in the tank to survive; they never had a chance. But we did replace them with a Beta fish named Marshall. And he lived a good life, he really did. And we gave him a good home. But he has moved onto the big fish tank in the sky. Or the ocean. Or, more accurately, a landfill. The kids took it well, though.

I hope you're keeping it real, Kyrgyz-style.

Victor Paguia

yeah the name syler was fine, until that no talent ass clown started being a villain all over the place.

Christina Jones

What is an ass clown?


I didn't get it at first, either. I had to google "no talent ass clown" and I had my answer. Think Office Space. Think Michael Bolton. Nice work, Vic.

Brigid Marshall

I love that you googled that Syler. On a related note to your Sylar dilemma, spell check still doesn't get that your name is in fact a name. That should count for something.

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