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November 15, 2006



i can't believe you took heidi to chili's wihout me! ha ha. my fondness for chili's and dr. pepper dates back to our depaul days.


I share in your love of Chili's and would also like to add that the boneless buffalo wings with a little blue cheese are a timeless favorite. I also stand in agreeance on the molten lava cake issue.
As a date to this new Chili's just you and Heidi would be fitting, a guys night christening of the restaurant could also be in order.

Patrick  Sanderson

ummm, Yes please! The endless chips with queso are so good you have to be careful or else you won't have room for the main meal!

Oh yeah, nothing wrong with a Chili's first date. Chance to talk, relaxed, public so she knows you're serious, but down to earth like you don't have anything to prove, incredible food, not pricey. I think Chili's is a fabulous choice.

Erica Sanderson

i love chili's. i always get the boneless buffalo wings...but they're pretty spicy. they go great with the bottomless chips. this is really good news...it will probobly be my #1 dinner spot!


Megan and I recently went to Applebee's for a casual dining experience and left slightly unsatisfied. We split a burger and fries, you can't really go wrong there, our problem was in ordering their chocolate molten dessert. It was tasty, but not quite up to par with Chili's. We spent the better half of the night discussing our love of Chili's Molten Lava Cake. There are no Chili's close to us here, so it is exciting to know that when we come home for Christmas there will be Lava Cake readily available for our eating pleasure.


Sounds like it's not just me. Erica, Graham, others, we'll have to plan a trip when it opens. Kathleen-- shame on you for wasting your time with Applebee's. I know Chili's is one of Megan's faves, so she should have known better. She's the one that first told us about the southwestern eggrolls...mmm. Oh, and today just happens to be the 12th anniversary of that important trip to the Chili's on Touhy in Skokie with one Heidi LaRae Foster. In case anyone hasn't heard the story, we had been thinking about dating, weren't sure if the timing was right, so we waited and after 6 weeks, I finally asked her to go out with me to dinner. I brought her flowers when I picked her up. She asked: why'd you bring me flowers? I stammered. She clearly didn't know we were on a date. Finally when I was dropping her off, she asked: so was that a date? I was like: YES!! So the evening ended on a positive note. Then on the drive back to the city (she was in the burbs that night) I happened to drive right by our mutual friend Dana on the Edens-- I motioned for him to pull over, and I told him I had just gone on my first date with Heidi. It was fun. Who knew?


All that reminiscing, Syler, takes me right back to Chili's. I remember thinking, I like this guy, and he likes me so I am not going to be some silly girl and order the cheapest, smallest thing on the menu. Oh no! I ordered the fajitas! Which is still my favorite entree there. Sorry I asked you so bluntly about why you brought me flowers. That was sweet and they were pretty.Thanks for 12 FUN years!

Patrick  Sanderson

Heidi, the bluntness is one of the reasons everyone loves you. That and the sarcasm. Perfect match for Sybex

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