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February 21, 2007


Cameron Myers

So I heard this speaker last night and he talked about sin, but his focus was on how our personal affects others around us. And basically his main point that was to defeat sin we shouldn't merely have our eyes fixed on combating our personal sin, but we should have our eyes on loving others and consequently in doing so we will overcome our sin. He kind of supported this by saying that if we really are trying to love one another we will naturally desire to be pure in doing so. I'm leaving out a lot of the marrow of his argument, but yeah, I dont really know what to think of it. Thoughts???


I wouldn't disagree with what this guy is saying at all. He and I would not be in disagreement, unless he somehow said that fighting sin is unnecessary. He's not saying that; it sounds like he's just talking about a tactic to fighting sin, which is not to dwell on the sin but rather to live a life of love, which will naturally produce a life that contains less sin.

I have heard this and agree that it's one way to fight sin. I've also heard people talk about how focusing on Jesus and his righteousness is the best way to fight sin, rather than focusing on you and your failures. I think this is a great idea as well.

Regardless, the point is that we have to have a non-indifferent (would that make it just "different"?) attitude towards sin. We might kill it by loving others or by loving Jesus or whatever, but that's still actively fighting it. What do you think?

Cameron Myers

Yeah, I think he was definately presenting his point of view as a tactic of fighting sin. But what was kind of surprising was that he was saying that being "me-centered" about your sin will lead to no avail. I dont really know what he meant by being "me-centered" about sin. Im guessing he was just referring to people just mope about their sin. But i dont feel like many Christians do that, i think that sin hardens your heart and God brings conviction to your heart. I suppose that one can fall into a rut of guilt, but then i guess that Christian doesnt really understand how Grace works. So, in response to him, I feel like contrition is really necessary in fighting sin and should probably be the first step in fighting it.

all in all, I think that I disagree with him. I think that our main tactic in fighting sin should be intamacy with God. I feel that if we get closer and more honest with God then our propensity (and desire) to sin will decrease. I think that if we do that we have be more consistently in awe of God and less allured by sin.

So, instead of focusing on loving others to overcome sin, i think we should focus on Jesus and his Grace. And I think that if we dont, we run the risk of trying to love people without Jesus. And that would be kinda futile.

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