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November 02, 2007


Patrick Sanderson

Dang, Syler. I'm impressed that you got to meet Kevin Bacon, that had to be exciting. I wonder if he knows Bono...

Anyway, I'm gonna go watch Hollow Man now.

Ethan Helm


It was really awesome to read this. Thanks for sharing it with us. Definitely brings back some memories (although, I never met Kevin Bacon or Craig Biggio...lucky.) :)

On a side, I read The Irrestible Revolution and Don't Waste Your Life since I've been in Guyana, and both are awesome books. Some day, I want to live in a Christian Commune, sharing everything with Brothers and Sisters. I mean, that really was how the first church was, and it would be awesome to have that kind of community. The guys at LFC are lucky this year, because they more or less have it (they have a suite together). For the next few years, I'll be living simply, by living with my parents (probably). I don't have much money to begin with, and during medical school there will be an enhanced financial strain, and my parents are more than happy to have me leech off them. I'll be the cool 28-year old still living with mom and dad. Woot!

(I also love Explosion's in the Sky, if you like them you might check out the Japanese band Mono, or the Canadian band Godspeed You Black Emperor, whom are instrumental communists who I doubt love Jesus at all, but their music is still incredible...perhaps you already listen to them.)

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