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November 04, 2008



Well said, Syler. Man, I'm so glad we can still be friends.


Syler, speaking of one of those Bread and Butter Republicans, I don't (nor do I know anyone)who credits the media with creating Obama or holding back McCain. Before September 15th, McCain's biggest obstacle was not the media, and it was not his opponent. It was George W. Bush.

What the media can do, and did do here, is help highlight Obama's strengths, and help gloss over his weaknesses. For example, during primary season, a glaring and consistent message hurting Obama was his lack of experience - which was going to continue to dog him against McCain. And the media did Obama a great favor in ending that line of questioning once he secured the nomination, then again once they had Sarah Palin to dissect. Take the name and party affiliation off of the resumes, and look only at the black and white of job titles and accomplishments, and Palin's certainly stood up. You could argue the same thing about how the media excused Joe Biden for saying numerous dumb and even off-color things, or for how the media questioned the two parties. Not equal. But McCain (a former media darling himself) could have overcome that challenge handily if he weren't campaigning against such an unpopular predecessor.

A variety of factors fell into place for an Obama victory, but I don't credit the media for it - I credit Dubya.

Syler Thomas

Hi Sue! Thanks for commenting!

I agree that Bush was a huge factor in Obama's success and McCain's demise. Especially when McCain tried to distance himself from Bush in the last debate, and then the Obama ad came out with video of McCain proudly saying he had voted with the president 90% of the time. I updated this post after I posted it to conclude with this line:
So perhaps the reason Barack Obama is our next President has less to do with the liberal media and more to do with fortuitous political timing (nationwide frustration with the economy and war) and because at least in the eyes of the independents, he was the better candidate.

I will also point out that McCain's choice of Palin was a tremendous disaster, and he has no one to blame but himself. It was a calculated risk on his part, and we'll never know, but I think if he had chosen a safer choice (Romney or Ridge, for example) he would have had a better time with the Independent voter in the swing states. The prospects, no matter how remote, of a Palin presidency in the next four to eight years was too scary for people, myself included.


I just can't believe how quick to dismiss Palin people are/were. I think she is seriously underestimated. Even you pointed out that she was a former beauty pagent winner, as if that somehow makes her unfit.Obama gets a pass on drug use and felon friends, but Palin has to answer to going after scholarship money?
Oh well. Agree to disagree.

stefan  dobre

syler you are so wrong

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