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November 01, 2008



I would argue that the difference is that as a Christian with my tithes and offerings, I am giving because I choose to, not because my government requires it of me. Isn't free will part of that whole Christianity thing? I know it isn't with the governmental socialism thing.

Syler Thomas

Good point. I know there's a difference between giving out of your heart and giving because your government has required it. I posted this simply because I've been hearing the Socialist term thrown around lately from Christians, and if the concept of redistributed wealth (another way of talking about caring for the poor, something God clearly wants us to be about) works inside the church, then at least a version of that concept is something we should be about outside the church. Not without accountability-- not to just give money to any poor person so that they become dependent on it either. But using money from those who have it to care for those who don't isn't socialism. The "s" word is simply a fear-mongering label, one that Obama brought upon himself by choosing the words "spreading the wealth around." That was his mistake, but he's not calling for nor would he ever argue for Socialism.

Our government will never be a socialist government. Obama's asking for a tax increase from the wealthiest folks that Bush gave a tax cut to, and he wants to restore their tax bracket to the point where they're paying no more than what they paid under Reagan. That doesn't sound unreasonable to me. And apparently it didn't sound unreasonable to at least 63 million people. We'll see what happens!


I would be interested to know how many of the 63 million don't think it sounds bad because they would be on the receiving end. For example, with the size and gross revenues of the company my husband works for that just moved us to NC can't handle the increase, once again as 'first hired', we could be out of work again. We shall see, we shall see.

stefan  dobre

Obama is a socialist 100% lock at his friends

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