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January 26, 2009



interesting reflections on the movie. i thought it was a decent movie, and also felt robbed. not by the critics, but the film itself. it could have been 20-30 mins longer, which could have been used to further develop the relationships between the 4 main characters.

without those relationships being developed, the intense (and fantastic interactions between the characters regardless of the lack of developed relationship) seemed forced, over the top and a bit awkward to me.

all-in-all, i felt the film was a decent B/B+ movie, but imho i thought Slumdog Millionaire, Frost/Nixon and The Wrestler were clearly better films in '08!!



I have not seen Doubt, and therefore cannot comment. However, I did see the Wrestler and am curious what about that movie was great or oscar worthy.
I felt that rourke's performance was not astounding, he just moped around and acted like himself. I feel like the easiest character to act is your own because you actually had those experiences. I am trying to find out what about the wrestler is impressing people so much.

Syler Thomas

I haven't seen the Wrestler, but pretty much (for better or worse) if an actor shows a lot of emotion in a dramatic film (thrillers aren't included in this rule or Will Smith would have been nominated for I Am Legend) where he's on screen for most of the movie, and the movie's pretty good, AND especially if he has one scene in particular where he cries, he's a shoo-in for a nomination.


I wholeheartedly agree with your estimation that Doubt was robbed. I think that it certainly was one of the best acted and written films of the year - one that hangs with one, and continues to make one think for weeks after seeing the film.

I think that Streep certainly should have gotten Best Actress; and Philip Seymour Hoffman should not have been in the locked Best Supporting Actor category (supporting? What were they thinking? Fr. Flynn is the whole reason for the film). I also prefer Viola Davis' storming supporting performance to that of Penélope Cruz; few actors can take 10 minutes and steal a film.

I'm disappointed with the Academy. This year was one of easy choices - my good friend and I stayed up until very late at night over here in the UK, only to find that everyone whom we predicted would win, did. I think they avoided choices of films with 'difficult' subjects like Doubt, sadly.

Syler Thomas

Thank you for commenting, TR! I knew Hoffman didn't stand a chance, nor did Streep, but was hoping that maybe Shanley would get an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay, but it was clearly Slumdog's night. I loved Slumdog, but don't think it deserved an Oscar for Best Screenplay. It was a good story, but not an incredible screenplay by any means.
I was quite pleased that Man on Wire won best documentary.

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