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September 12, 2007


Franny P

I would just like to say that I was the second phone call after the incident. I'm glad I got to live vicariously through your experience while I heard Victor on the phone say to me, "Oh....I'm walking away from him now" as opposed to, "Want to talk to him?"

My day will come soon. I have faith.

Franny P

By the way, this blog entry is very well done. You've got links and everything! Love it.

Syler Thomas

Thanks for sharing, Fran. Yes, I got out of cell phone range and lost Victor, and once I got back in range, there was a voice mail from none other than...Fran. Saying: I can't believe you got to talk to Bono. And now when you see him again, you'll be able to say: Hey, I was that youth pastor you talked to. Which assumes a) I'll be talking to him again and b) he'll obviously remember a 60 second phone call back in July of 2007. Thanks for your faith, Fran!


old news, sy...but REALLY cool!


I pretty much can't tell if my eyes were watering in pure delight at your lovely interaction or if I just haven't blinked since reading your blog about said interaction. Either way, my eyes are adjusting.


If I got to talk to Bono I would never want to pretend to be someone else-Bono is authentic and so am I. Fun blog thanks.


I was by that chainlink fence also, but not in time to chat with Bono. My girlfriend that drove us downtown for chicago concert was late and then when we got there she just wanted to chill in the car for a bit..what a disappointment. I was the one with the "dANCE WITH ME BONO" COOL SIGN. and double darn, I didnt get to dance with him!! fAN 4 20 YRS***


I have major goosebumps now. Can't even imagine talking to him. Next time, just be yourself...Bono still would have talked to you..I just know it! Seeing him in Philly next week!


Yeah. Okay. That's freakin' awesome. Hi Syler!


Yeah. Okay. That's freakin' awesome. Hi Syler!


i also was honored to speak with Bono last winter. He is so "normal". I didn't know who he was when i was speaking with him (long story) but i still can't believe with whom i was speaking. he is so intelligent, SO intellectual, and so personable. he is a man to admire. a man in control of his destiny. a blessed man. thank you, Paul, for all you'veb done for humankind. for everyone you've touched and inspired. you are a godsend.


i enjoyed reading this! i'm a big u2 fan too (i guess along with a few million other people on the planet). btw, got here via the cclf site.

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wow, that's totally awesome, not everyone can say or tell they lived what you lived!

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