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January 07, 2008


Johnny P

He's a very sharp one.
Why does she always come off so withcy?

Johnny P

I'm furious at myself for making that typo.

Ethan Helm


I think and hope you are right. I normally am so utterly depressed by politics in the United States because I feel like the Republicans and Democrats are so similiar, and both care more about big business than God (or the country). The Republicans claim to be God's party, but they don't care about the poor, and they ignore the "love your enemies" part of the Bible very efficiently, and the Democrats are for abortion (which terrifies me) and I really don't think they care any more about the poor than the Republicans.

To be honest, this year I'm excited, because I think Mike Huckabee really loves Jesus more than anything in the world. I believe that he really loves the poor, and although I don't agree with him on everything (war), I truly believe that if I sat down with him, he would instantly be my brother.

But yeah, here is your comment from South America (that URL is VERY old by the way, not sure if I showed it to you previously).

Now, I'm going to search your blog for the Sunshine Kids trip.

Ethan Helm

Dear Syler,

I came here to attack your blog, only to find you had not updated it in a while. Now this shall not hinder me from attacking your blog, as you can see by this post. However, it might make me feel a bit more guilty than usual for attacking your blog. Attacking a stagnant blog is like enjoying country line dancing. I shall not explain this simile, but I think you will find its meaning self-evident. Toodles.

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