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January 31, 2008


Ethan Helm

While I was in Guyana, I came to realize that most people, even in the third world, have it a lot better than the people in Jerusalem in the time of Jesus. Even in the bush, people have all sorts of things they don't really need, especially when we think of how Paul looked at it, when he said that all he really needed was food and shelter.

Anyway, my point is this. The world can fall a long long way, and we can still be doing better than most of the world has had it throughout time.

Of course, with petroleum problems, modern day agriculture would be affected, and the potential for mass starvation increases. To be honest, I doubt that the rich in the world would suffer from starvation (and really, 95% of our country is rich materially).

I'm not for an economic fall from the world, but sometimes I think maybe that is precisely what we need in our country. Through suffering, it is often easier to see God. Our country, and the world, need Him, and more and more they are rejecting Him.

And on a deeper level, I pray that more and more Christians can get to the point where they realize that they are rich in all circumstances if they have Jesus Christ. The apostles (Or 11/12 of them) went out and lived for Jesus, suffering all sorts of tribulations, poverty, and torture before ultimately dying for the Good News. Yet, they realized that death is the hope of Christianity, where we receive the Crown of Righteousness.

All of this is to say, that in a sense, Global Warming and the energy crisis seem scary, but they aren't scary enough to diminish Jesus even slightly. We got good news. Holla!

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