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June 08, 2010


Tracey and Tim

Dude. Two words. Convention Grill cheeseburger.

Parent of Four in Texas

I really wanted to like Five Guys. really did. i know i'm spoiled with burgers and steak in Texas in the same way you're spoiled when it comes to pizza up in chi-town. To me, Five Guys rates an F in atmosphere, a B-minus in Burgers, a C-minus in fries, but an A-plus in the heat of the freshly-cooked burger. I like burger that can burn my mouth if I'm not careful, and this is one area where they shine.

But, all in all, give me Longhorn Café, Chris Madrid's, or maybe Orderup anyday.


i loved the burgers there! but you're right - WAYYYYY too expensive. a far cry from in n' out, though i thought they were trying, in some small way, to parrot them. AND... wish they had cheddar cheese.

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